Efficient and Future-Oriented Bridge Design as Breakthrough to Accelerate Sustainable Development

Sustainable Bridge Competition is a bridge design competition between universities that is equivalent at the national level which aims to provide a platform for students to apply the civil engineering fields related to bridge design that prioritize efficient and “future oriented” aspects which do not rule out innovation so as to produce a bridge that is futuristic.


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Equitable development as the third pillar of Indonesia’s Vision 2045 is implemented by one of which is through equitable infrastructure development. In realizing the strengthening of national connectivity, bridge infrastructure that meets service standards needs to be provided in order to encourage community mobility and accessibility so as to achieve people’s welfare. The amount of costs required in the construction and maintenance of bridges is one of the problems that is often experienced in bridge construction. Therefore, engineers are required to innovate in infrastructure development, especially bridges in order to produce a bridge design that is efficient, sturdy, and does not rule out innovations that go hand in hand with the progress of the times so as to produce a futuristic bridge.

“Efficient and Future-Oriented Bridge Design as Breakthrough to Accelerate Sustainable Development” is a theme that is carried out in the 2021 Sustainable Bridge Competition. Through this theme, it is hoped that it can become an illustration for participants in creating breakthrough bridge designs that can support sustainable development.


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1st Place
Rp 8.500.000,00 + Placard + E-Certificate

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2nd Place
Rp 6.500.000,00 + Placard + E-Certificate

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3rd Place
Rp 4.500.000,00 + Placard + E-Certificate

Favorite Winner
Rp 750.000,00 + Placard + E-Certificate



1. Participants fill out the registration form by clicking the button above.
2. Before filling out the registration form, participants are expected to pay a registration fee in advance.
3. Payment of a registration fee of IDR 250,000 is made by transferring to account 137-00-1812727-0 (Bank Mandiri) in the name of Afaf Nadiyah Rifa during the registration period.
4. In filling out the registration form, participants are expected to prepare proof of payment and complete data that has been stated / mentioned in the TOR.
5. After completing the registration, the team representative (team leader) will receive an email reply from the committee.
6. If participants feel they have not received an email reply from the committee, participants can contact the Contact Person on the website / TOR / poster / booklet via Whatsapp / Line.

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The final stage will be carried out online through the Zoom Meeting platform
Consists of two stages, the preliminary stage in the form of submitting proposals and the final stage in the form of collecting videos and presenting the work in front of the jury.
There will be no refunds for participants who are unable to attend and resign.
Obtain participant / finalist / champion e-certificates, add insight into bridges and foster a competitive spirit in participants.